Naver Map – An App to help Find your way around Korea

NAVER Map is a smartphone app to find your way in Korea.

As a Korean, I personally use NAVER Map on a daily basis. Of course, I’d use Google Map when I go abroad, but sadly it is not used by Koreans which means it sometimes lacks up-to-date information on places, traffics, best routes, reviews, etc.

The app lets me find car driving routes, walking routes, restaurants, and even a good fitness center near me!

Fortunately, NAVER Map offers an English version so it will be helpful for international travelers like you to move around Korea.

What does Naver Map offer to Travelers?

Discover Places Around You

When you are in a foreign country, everything looks confusing, and don’t know where to go. Use the ‘Nearby’ tab in the app, and you will immediately see restaurants and cafes which are trending based on validated reviews from Koreans!

Bookmark your Places

Whether you are first time visiting Korea or a serial visitor, this function will be pretty handy for you. You can search for places you want to visit in advance and use the bookmarks to query routes and look for the famous menus of the place!


Simply search for a destination, and click “To” button. The app will show route options for public transportation, car, walk, or even bike!

Public Transportation

Korea has one of the best public transportation in the world, and it is very affordable ($1 per trip). Seoul’s metro covers almost every part of the city and nearby areas such as Incheon and Suwon. Naver Map will help you navigate around the country with its good public transportation.

Naver Map also shows subway station maps. It not only has the map for Seoul, but also Busan, Ulsan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon.

Bottom Line

That’s it for the Naver Map. Although Seoul is a very popular tourist attraction, it is not friendly enough for international travelers yet. Thanks to the Internet, smartphones, and IT companies like Naver, you can move around this beautiful country easier than ever.

Happy traveling! 😀

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