Elevate your Korean home cooking with Ttukbaegi pot

Are you looking for a quick solution that would make your cooking taste better? You’ve come to the right place. Cooking Korean home-cook meals for yourself or your partners can be difficult. But with this secret weapon ‘Ttukbaegi pot’, you and your partner will be surprised! 

What is Ttukbaegi?

Have you ever heard of Ttuk-bae-gi? It’s this amazing little black earthenware pot that works wonders in the kitchen! In just one bowl, you can use it to cook and also serve your favorite dishes.

Restaurants often use Ttukbaegi to serve soups and stews.

Kimchi stew served in Ttukbaegi
Kimchi stew served in Ttukbaegi (Image source: Namuwiki)

And here’s the best part – when you bring this pot to the table, your food stays hot and bubbling for longer! All thanks to its excellent heat conductivity and retention.

But guess what? You can also take your home cooking to the next level with Ttukbaegi! 

Many Koreans won’t feel a meal is completed without stews or soups. This is when Ttukbaegi can come in handy. I tried using it, and let me tell you, it makes my dishes taste so much better. 

What can you cook in Ttukbaegi pot?


Any stews taste better when served in Ttukbaegi. You can cook basic stews like Kimchi Stew (Kimchi-jjigae), Soybean paste stew (Doenjang-jjigae), or Soft tofu stew (Sundubu-jjigae). 

Soft tofu stew served in Ttukbaegi
Soft tofu stew served in Ttukbaegi (Image source: wtable)

You can also use it for steamed eggs (Gyeran-jjim). 

Steamed egg served in Ttukbaegi
Steamed egg served in Ttukbaegi (Image source: wikipedia)


Korean soups (Guk or Tang) are similar to stews (Jjigae) but more watery and less thick and are often served at lower temperatures than stews. It won’t come boiling but still tastes better in Ttukbaeji. Typical soups served in Ttukbaegi are ginseng chicken soup (Samgye-tang), Ox bone soup (Seollengtang), and hot soup with rice (Gukbap). 

Samgyetang served in Ttukbaegi (Image source: Namuwiki)

Even if it’s just noodles soup (Ramyeon), keeping it hot in Ttukbaegi enhances the taste significantly.


Jeongol, a Korean-style hot pot, is often served in large Ttukbaegi. It involves placing a variety of ingredients such as meat, mushrooms, seafood, seasoning, and more into a stew pot, followed by the addition of broth, and then the entire mixture is boiled to perfection. There are many types of hotpots.

Korean hotpots
Korea hotpots served in Ttukbaegi (Image source: Namuwiki)


You can cook a delicious mixed rice bowl (bibimbap) in this Ttukbaegi bowl.  The Ttukbaegi bowl creates crispy rice at the bottom that adds a fantastic texture to the meal. Typically, the Bibimbab is served in stoneware called dolsot, but this Ttukbaeji can also give similar effects. 

Bibimbap served in Ttukbaegi
Bibimbap served in Ttukbaegi

Any hot meals

Seriously. Anything that should be served hot will taste incredibly good with Ttukbaegi.

Ttukbaegi sizes guide

Ttukbaegi comes in various sizes, and it can be difficult to choose. Here are some tips. 

First, it depends on your family size when cooking a meal, whether you are single, 2, 3, or 4 more. There is also the way you cook and serve- whether you like to serve a one-person meal in one bowl or cook for many to share in the middle.

Then, there are types of food you want to cook – side dish food like steamed egg needs a smaller dish, while stews will need a bigger bowl.

As a general rule,

  • Size 1 (12cm/ 4.7inch) for Steamed eggs (small)
  • Size 2 (13cm/ 5.1 inch) for Kimchi stew (1-serving)
  • Size 3 (14cm/5.5 inch) for Steam eggs (large), Kimchi stew, Bibimbap
  • Size 4 (16cm/6.3 inch) for Kimchi stew, Ssamgaetang
  • Size 5 (17cm/6.7 inch) for Hotpots

If you aren’t sure what to buy, size 3 usually covers a wide range use.

Ttukbaegi size guide
Ttukbaegi size guide by 깨뚝

Concluding note

Now you know about ttukbaegi. So, why not give ttukbaegi a try and elevate your cooking game? 

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