WOWPASS CREDIT CARD – Travel Cashless in Korea

Why do you need A WOWPASS CREDIT CARD?

Korea is nearly a cashless country. Few people carry cash in their pockets.

After the IMF crisis in 1997, the Korean government encouraged the usage of credit cards to bring more taxes. The government even posed tax benefits on credit card spending.

According to the research from World Economic Forum, cash payments only account for 14% of Korea. Most stores accept credit cards as a main payment method. Even traditional market stores are supported by the government to implement card payment terminals, due to high demand by tourists.

The Bank of Korea announced its initiatives to shift to a “coin-less” society. Bus services in Seoul, Sejong, Incheon, and Daejeon are only taking cards, not cash payments.

All these facts say one thing: a Korean credit card would make my travel much easier. But how?


(You can get an additional 0.5% cashback with a promotion code: FLAVORKR)

What Can you do with WOWPASS CARD?

1. Prepaid Card

You can top up the card with your currency – US Dollars, Euros, etc. – and pay anywhere in KRW. The WOWPASS CARD is accepted like a local credit card in Korea.

2. Money Exchange

WOWPASS Kiosks are at 82 major tourist locations.

What if you needed cash? You can exchange at 82 locations in Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Suwon, Incheon, Daejeon, and Chuncheon.

WOWPASS CARD charges no transaction fee. It means when you buy KRW, you can save up to 86%, compared to airports. When you sell KRW after the trip, you can save even 100%!

If you go to their website, you can get a 20% OFF coupon for buying KRW.

3. Transportation

The card has a built-in transport card function(Tmoney), which means you don’t need to buy another transport card for $3.

You can top up your card at places such as convenience stores and subway stations. Just present your card and the amount of KRW cash you want to top up to the staff and say “Tmoney”. They’ll know what to do.


Cashless Payment Anywhere

You don’t need to carry clunky cash and coins. You don’t have to count cash in front of the restaurant counter.


You don’t need an extra Tmoney card.

Discount & cashback

You can get up to 20% cashback when spending on various Korean brands.

Check the balance on app

Check how much money is in your WOWPASS CARD. You can also check Tmoney balance as well.

Withdraw KRW balance

When you leave Korea, simply turn up at one of the WOWPASS kiosks at the airport. Withdraw the remaining balance back in your currency.


1. Locate the nearest WOWPASS kiosk.

You can locate the WOWPASS kiosks using their app or website.

2. Issue a WOWPASS Card from the kiosk.

Prepare to get a new card

  • Touch your preferred language on the kiosk display.
  • Select: “WOWPASS Card”
  • Select: “Get a New Card”

Get a New Card

  1. Scan your passport for authentication.
  2. Select the currency you wish to top up.
  3. Insert cash to top up WOWPASS.
  4. Receive your card from the machine.

Activate Card

  1. Insert your card to top up the balance.
  2. Remove your card from the machine.

Sign up and authenticate WOWPASS App

  1. Download and sign up on the app.
  2. Enter the PIN Code that appeared on the machine to the app.

Extra Tips

Earn more values with WOWPASS Airport Package

What you get from the package are:

  • WOWPASS Card: 4,000 KRW (20% OFF of 5000 KRW)
  • SIM Card by SKT: 10% OFF (both eSIM and USIM are available)
  • Tmoney Balance: 10,000 KRW (The card is topped up, ready to use)

You can pay once and reserve all: WOWPASS + SIM + Tmoney. After you landed, go pick up your package at ICN Airport T1/T2, GMP Airport, Gimhae Airport, and Busan Harbor. This will save a lot of hassle and uncertainty for tourists!

The SIM plan prices are:

  • $12.25 for 3 days
  • $18.75 for 5 days
  • $26.23 for 10 days
  • $41.20 for 20 days
  • $48.29 for 30 days

SIM is provided by SKT, the best reliable telecom service provider in Korea. The SIM plan provides unlimited 4G data (Up to 10Mbps), receive calls and messages for free.

If you want the WOWPASS Airport Package, just download the app, follow the instruction, and reserve the package.

Get Cashback when spending in certain stores in Korea

Current cashback offerings are:

  • The Shilla Duty-Free Store
  • Olive Young
  • CU (convenience store)
  • Starbucks
  • Seven Luck Casino
  • BBQ Chicken & Beer

Get Additional 0.5% cashback

Download the app and register with the invitation code: FLAVORKR

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